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Hey Guys,

Any way to turn off the VAT reminders on the bottom of the home screen? Or what do you do if you select the defer option on ROS and don’t pay anything… Bullet is still looking for payment details.

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Peter Connor Staff May 20, 2015

Hi Richie,
If you mark them as paid they’ll disappear. But, we’re updating the whole dash at the moment to let you close, delete, snooze todo’s. You can have a sneak peek here.
They’ll start to feature a little more.  

  1. richie May 20, 2015
    Hi Peter,

    When I go to the "mark as paid" bit, its asks for an account and date, it wont go away with out that.

    Reason I am asking is that I have started to input last years accounts into Bullett to have them ready and there are some things that are some things not quite matching up with the actual VAT payments that were made.

    While your at the editing.... maybe an option to override vat payments / manually change them?
  2. Peter Connor May 20, 2015
    Hi Richie,

    Well if they're already paid then give them the date and account that you made the payment from. That way you can reconcile (match) the payment in your bank account to something in your accounts (vat payment).

    You can edit everything in Bullet - you can use Journal entries to do that. But, unless you're an accountant I'd keep away from them. It's double entry accounting, it's what Bullet sits on top of but we hide it from everyone.

    You can't just "edit" things to match. The idea is everything has to match - that's why when you use Bullet you won't end up in jail :)

    Ultimately what you're looking to do is match Bullet (your accounts) with your bank account, (what actually happened). That's what Revenue are interested in.

    Does that makes sense?


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